Stitched together into something new


The first glance at this hulking monster might disturb or terrify—his strange and dangerous aspect is only worsened when the stitches which hold his flesh together are revealed. Surely this is some undead thing, some hideous construct of stolen flesh brought to freakish new life? But anyone who observes for a while sees the mind of a child within this creature—simple and questioning. Though a child’s mind in this brutish frame is capable of terrible tantrums.

Remembering not even his own name, he is called by the Draconic numeral branded on his forehead, and so he is “Nine.”

AC: 17
PP: 12


Nine remembers very little of his past—broken fragmented memories of another life which seem like a dream. While some of these images are delightful (“Fly in big wooden bird! Nice lady in spiky hat!”) others are scary and sad (“Fall out of sky!”). He awoke in a stone box, and a kindly old elf (Renald) freed him and taught him much of what he knows in this new life.

New people scary, but old elf happy about new people; so maybe not bad. Old elf say new friends help Nine know what happen to him. And new friends so small; need Nine. Nine big, Nine strong.


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